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Cash Handling Equipment

Protect your business while saving yourself both time and money with cash handling equipment from Hampton Security. With currency counters and coin counters, counting and sorting through money will no longer be a time-consuming hassle. These machines have the ability to count old currency, new currency, foreign money, coupons and more.

In addition to the ability to sort and count currency, cash handling equipment from Hampton Security is a dependable method of identifying fraud by means of counterfeit protection defenses. Many models come backed with a one-year warranty, too.

At Hampton Security, reasonable prices and practical, time-saving equipment are easy to find. Same day shipping is available should you need an item immediately. Many of our products come backed with a one year parts and labor guarantee. Cash handling equipment such as currency counters and coin counters saves time and money in the long-term while making your work life easier, especially if you are a business or store owner.
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Customer Testimonials