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Counterfeit Money Detectors

Counterfeit money detection helps businesses of all sizes protect against losses from criminal shoppers that use fake money. Many businesses that have been burned in the past by counterfeit bills choose to have a counterfeit money detector at their shops. These detectors help businesses save time and money when dealing with shoppers that would defraud their business and steal goods with fake money. Having a counterfeit money checker enables a business to make sure that they are only taking real money when they sell their products. Hampton Security provides simple solutions to businesses to prevent future losses.

We carry several kinds of counterfeit detectors that are portable and easy to use. We offer various models of Cassida counterfeit checkers that are portable or fit nicely on the desktop. We also make our own counterfeit detectors that are portable and efficient. These will also act as visible deterrents as customers are less likely to pass fake counterfeit bills if they see a counterfeit money detector machine near the register. We offer a warranty that covers parts and labor on all products for one year and a 14 day refund policy. Our products are tax deductible and save businesses money. We also offer same day shipping.
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Customer Testimonials