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Protect your business with a counterfeit money checker from Hampton Security, and never get burned by counterfeit bills again. These machines are the only reliable method of detecting fraud. State-of-the art technology like ultraviolet, infrared, and magnetic marking detection allows money checkers to identify a bill instantly, eliminating human error. Plus, counterfeit detectors serve as visible deterrents. When a criminal spots one, they’ll take their fake money elsewhere.

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MANUAL Operation • Visible Deterrent • Checks SOME Security Marks
Hampton Security 6500<br>Manual<br>Counterfeit Detector
Reg. Price:$120.00
Sale Price:$99.00
In Stock
MANUAL Operation • Visible Deterrent • Checks ALL Security Markings • Checks IDs, Drivers Licenses, Passports, & Travelers Cheques
Hampton Security 6700<br>Manual Advanced<br>Counterfeit Detector
Reg. Price:$199.00
Sale Price:$144.00
In Stock
AUTOMATIC Operation • "BEEPS" When Counterfeit Detected • Denomination Recognition • Visible Deterrent • Checks ALL Security Markings • Can Be Configured for International Currencies
Cassida InstaCheck<br>Automatic<br>Counterfeit Detector
Reg. Price:$199.00
Sale Price:$149.00
In Stock
Semacon S-960<br>PORTABLE<br>Automatic Counterfeit Detector
Reg. Price:$279.00
Sale Price:$199.00
In Stock
Choose from some of the most accurate, fast, and affordable anti-counterfeit tools in the industry. Hampton Security’s supply of manual and automatic counterfeit detectors includes a variety of tools, capable of everything from performing chemical analyses to verifying currency, credit cards, traveler’s checks, and more. Portable, compact models ensure that space won’t be a problem.

Affordable prices and an easy-to-navigate site set Hampton Security apart. We offer same day shipping, so you can get what you need without delay. Our products are tax deductible, and carry a 1 year parts and labor warranty with a 14 day money-back guarantee. Counterfeit detecting equipment pays for itself, saving time and money while making your work easier.
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Customer Testimonials