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Coin Counting Machines

At Hampton Security, we offer coin counter machines for your every need -- from portable coin counters to coin sorters and wrappers. Our state-of-the-art coin counting machines and coin sorters are specifically designed to help you get the most out of your business. They'll save you time, and make it less likely that coins are miscounted, mishandled, or even lost.

Because we offer so many premiere coin sorters and coin counters, it may be hard to choose. The following questions can help you decide which coin sorter machine is best for you.
  • What do you need your coin sorter machine to do? Do you need a state-of-the-art digital coin sorter that provides accounting information such as end-of-day balancing as well as totals? Or do you just need to be able to quickly count and sort coins?

  • How portable do you need your sorter to be? Does it need to be compact?
  • Regardless of the kind of coin sorter you need, Hampton Security offers a range of solutions for you. Buy from the convenience of your home or office today and we will offer a 14-day money back guarantee, same day shipping, and a one-year parts/labor warranty.

    Portable Quiet Ability to sort all denominations at once.
    Cassida C100 Electronic Coin Counter / Sorter
    Reg. Price:$249.00
    Sale Price:$189.00
    In Stock
    Cassida C200 Digital Coin Counter/Sorter/Wrapper
    Reg. Price:$294.00
    Sale Price:$229.00
    In Stock
    Cassida C200 CAD<br>Canadian Coin<br>Counter/Sorter/Wrapper
    Reg. Price:$380.00
    Sale Price:$294.00
    In Stock
    Great for larger volumes Counts one denomination at a time / offsorts rest of coins.
    Cassida C500 Portable Heavy Duty Coin Counter/Off Sorter
    Reg. Price:$640.00
    Sale Price:$449.00
    In Stock
    Semacon S-120 Portable Heavy Duty Coin Counter/Sorter/Wrapper
    Reg. Price:$949.00
    Sale Price:$691.00
    In Stock
    Cassida C850 Heavy Duty Coin Counter/Sorter/Wrapper
    Reg. Price:$989.00
    Sale Price:$819.00
    In Stock
    Semacon S-140 Heavy Duty Coin Counter/Sorter/Wrapper
    Reg. Price:$1,250.00
    Sale Price:$926.00
    In Stock
    Counts & Sorts large volumes of ALL COINS AT SAME TIME. Intelligent cash management. Optional printers.
    Cassida C900 Heavy Duty Coin Counter/Sorter/Bagger with Optional Printer
    Reg. Price:$1,650.00
    Sale Price:$1,285.00
    In Stock
    Semacon S-530 Heavy Duty Coin Counter/Sorter/Wrapper with Optional Printer
    Reg. Price:$1,999.00
    Sale Price:$1,598.00
    In Stock
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    Customer Testimonials