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iSniper Bill Counter & Discriminator

iSniper Bill Counter & Discriminator
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iSniper Bill Counter & DiscriminatoriSniper Bill Counter & Discriminator
ITEM: S2100
Reg. Price:$2,495.00
Sale Price:$1,895.00
Optional Accessories:
Semacon Discriminator Optional Thermal Printer
Our Price: $398.00
CleanPRO Complete Care Kit
Our Price: $34.89
CleanPro Air Duster -6 Pack-
Our Price: $43.89
iSniper Bill Counter & Discriminator

Save Time and Money
– By Counting All Denominations at Once – No Sorting Needed!

For This Type of Investment - Our White Glove Warranty - Sets Us Apart From the Competition!

The iSniper is a high-speed banknote counter with value recognition sensors for the counting, sorting and balancing of single or mixed denomination banknote deposits. It’s a full-featured unit that offers these time-saving functions:

Cut time while you cut your losses:
Compared to regular currency counters, the iSniper drastically reduces money-handling time, as it allows you to verify amounts without sorting the bills. The iSniper also incorporates today’s most sophisticated IR counterfeit detection technology to protect you against rogue bills. So not only will you reduce your labor costs, you’ll also eliminate losses due to counterfeit bills.

Mixed Bill Counting:
The iSniper automatically recognizes the denomination of each bill as it counts and displays the total dollar amount on the screen. A detailed report of the number of bills counted as well as a subtotal of each denomination can then be generated at the press of a button.

The iSniper also features a sort mode, which allows you to separate one denomination from others in the stack. In this mode, the machine stops on any bill that is of a different denomination than the first bill counted in the stack, allowing you to remove the bill in question. At the end of the count, the iSniper quickly provides the total dollar amount and the number of the bills counted in the sorted denomination.

Viewable Results:
In addition to viewing the results on the iSniper itself, total balances and bill quantities can be easily printed via our printer, viewed on a remote display, or exported to a computer using our computer link software. Each device is optional and can be purchased separately.

It’s the ultimate money-handling machine
The iSniper combines solid design and advanced components to produce fast, accurate counting and deliver years of dependable performance. Plus, it’s compact size and multi-functionality make it a superb choice for most office and retail settings.

  • Counting speed: 650/1000/1500 notes per minute.
  • Counterfeit detection: Ultraviolet, Magnetic, Metal Thread, CIS Infrared.
  • Counting Modes: Value counting, sorting, simple sheet counting, adding, batching.
  • Warranty: 1 year full parts and labor warranty.

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