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Convenience Store Cash Management

Whether your business has been affected by fraudulent money or you are just trying to ensure the protection of your place of work, Hampton Security has the counterfeit detecting equipment that you need to keep your money safe. If you are in charge of a convenience store or any other business that handles money daily, take a look at the tools offered at Hampton Security.

The Cassida M18 Manual Counterfeit Detector can expose UV security threads on faded bills. It is available for as little as $49 and can save you money in the long term. The Cassida C200 Digital Coin Counter/Sorter/Wrapper can count up to 300 coins each minute. If you work at or run a convenience store, the amount of time you can save with this piece of equipment is incredibly significant. Our Cassida 6600UV/MG is the most sophisticated currency counter in its range. Fast with a full suite of counterfeit protection.

Save time and money at your convenience store or business with money handling tools from Hampton Security. Counterfeit detecting equipment and other cash handling tools from Hampton Security are accurate and crucial in protecting your money. Take a look at our site today and have the devices you need shipped out immediately.

Cassida C200 Digital Coin Counter/Sorter/Wrapper
Reg. Price:$294.00
Sale Price:$229.00
In Stock
Hampton Security 6700<br>Manual Advanced<br>Counterfeit Detector
Reg. Price:$199.00
Sale Price:$144.00
In Stock
Cassida 6600 UV/MG Front Loading with ValuCalc™ Currency Counter
Reg. Price:$400.00
Sale Price:$299.00
In Stock
Semacon S-140 Heavy Duty Coin Counter/Sorter/Wrapper
Reg. Price:$1,250.00
Sale Price:$926.00
In Stock
Semacon S-530 Heavy Duty Coin Counter/Sorter/Wrapper with Optional Printer
Reg. Price:$1,999.00
Sale Price:$1,598.00
In Stock
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Customer Testimonials